I’m ordering a birthday lunch from a new chinese takeout place soon and I would like help figuring out what the difference is between all of these flavors of chicken. I love spicy & sweet.

The main difference on the above is the dish originates from different provinces in China. Kung pao which is a sichuan/szechuan province of szechuan which is the spicest of all three uses peppercorns to basically numb your palates (mala) Hunan is spicy and use chili paste or dried chile peppers and mongolian chicken does not originate from Mongolia but actually came from Taiwan version of spicy chicken which is the least spicy. Some dishes with cashews/peanuts added but the basic is to infuse the oil with whole dried chillie peppers or peppercorns or crushed dried chillie peppers, garlic, ginger, and sauces etc *

{June 21, 2013}