just wondering how many calories you guys think that is, round about. having a cheat night on my diet after about 2 1/2 weeks without one

American chinese food typically has lots of oils and sugar in their sauces. Sesame chicken, I’d say about 400 cals. Lo mein, 200-300. egg roll, 100-200.
of course, I’d say that’s a good sized portion. two scoops of chicken, a bowl full of lo mein, medium egg roll.
next time, I recommend a chicken without a thick gloppy sauce (all of that sugar and oil again), go for stir fried chicken with veggies. try steamed dumplings instead of the egg roll. and get a bowl of brown rice or brown fried rice instead of lo mein. or if you still want noodles, try a noodle soup with some added veggies from Buddha’s Delight or other the like.

{February 27, 2011}